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Greetings from the CEO of "SIMBA" LLC.

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"SIMBA" LLC is one of the leaders in distribution in the FMCG segment in the market of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Our employees have tremendous experience in importing and distributing consumer goods.

Thanks to a team of professionals and company’s management  with international work experience, our distribution is actively developing, includes all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, provides high-quality coverage of all regions of the Republic.

Our company’s own warehouse space is more than 5000 sq.m., built in accordance with the requirements for storage of sold goods, freezers is about 1000 sq.m. The presence of our own railway access roads and customs warehouses minimizes the time for customs clearance, and due to our own car park, delivery is carried out as soon as possible.

A highly liquid assortment portfolio allows us to be a stable and reliable partner for both suppliers and buyers, and to occupy a leading position in the market.

"SIMBA" LLC has opened the first online store of goods for children and moms with an assortment of more than 3,000 items in Uzbekistan.

We believe  a successful business is daily creativity and maximum dedication, the creation of a highly efficient economic system and our success is based on knowledge and competent application of macro and microeconomic laws.

Our mission is to make today everything useful and natural available for  happy and healthy future.

We appreciate the trust of our customers and strive to establish mutually beneficial long-term partnerships.

Thank you for being with us!

Wish you all the best!

Zafar Khodjimatov, CEO of "SIMBA" LLC

"SIMBA" LLC - Distributor of the Future